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What Do Memberships Mean For The Stylist And Their Customers?

I've been in the hair industry for over 15 years and have seen many changes. The biggest change I've seen is the popularity of memberships and loyalty programs. When I first started, most clients would come into the salon once or twice to get their haircut or color done. Nowadays, customers want more than just a haircut; they want convenience and to be able to easily fit hair care into their busy schedule, which brought about the idea of membership. 

What is a Membership?

A membership is a contractual agreement between a stylist and a client. The stylist agrees to provide services to the client at a set price for a set amount of time, and the client agrees to patronize that particular salon for as long as their membership is active.

The terms and conditions of memberships vary by salon, but include some combination of:

  • Pricing: how much members pay per service or per month/year
  • Services Offered: what services are included in your membership package (i.e., cuts and colors)
  • Hours Available: when you can schedule appointments with your stylist

Why would someone want to become a member?

  • They can feel like they have a relationship with their stylist.
  • They can feel like they are part of something.
  • They can feel like they are getting exclusive access to something (i.e., being a member gives them the ability to have a hair care routine, easy appointment etc.)

Memberships are beneficial to the customer.

  • Customers can get a discount on services.
  • Customers can get a discount on products.
  • Memberships also offer customers more than just discounts; they also provide other benefits like loyalty points, direct access, free classes and more.

Memberships are beneficial to the Stylist.

  • With memberships, stylists don't have to worry about scheduling clients or turning away business because they are booked solid. Stylists are given the freedom to focus on doing what they love—creating beautiful hair!
  • Memberships also give stylists a safety net for when times get tough. If a stylist needs time off for whatever reason, their membership will provide them with peace of mind knowing that their bills will be covered while they're away from work.

Memberships can provide individualized, regular income to stylists that encourages longevity, innovation and creativity within their craft.

They help reinforce the importance of what it means to be a professional in the hair industry. Memberships are also a great way for stylists to make money, build loyalty with clients, keep their prices down and stay creative.

Memberships encourage members to return on a regular basis at set intervals such as weekly, monthly, quarterly or semi-annually which creates more stability in your business by providing reliable revenue streams that allow you to plan better financially and create consistency in service delivery. This stability allows you more time on your hands to focus on being more efficient with how you run your business.


In conclusion, memberships are a great way for hair stylists to build a long-term relationship with their clients. They are also beneficial for customers who want to get more value out of their experience at the salon.

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