Dec 18, 2022 | FAQ about Sew in Weft Hair Extension

Frequently Asked Questions About Sew in Weft Hair Extension

Sew in weft hair extensions are a great option for those looking to add length, volume or thickness to their natural hair. Sew in weft hair extensions offer a range of benefits over other types of hair extensions such as clip-in, tape-in and micro ring methods.


For example, sew-in wefts are less noticeable than the alternatives because they do not require any clips or glues that might damage your real strands. In addition, sew in weft extensions can be added by an experienced stylist who will match your natural color perfectly, so it blends seamlessly into your existing tresses. 


What are weft hair extensions?

Weft hair extensions are applied similarly to sew in weft extensions. They can be styled, curled and straightened like natural hair. The difference is that they are made of human hair instead of synthetic fibers, which makes them more durable and realistic looking than other types of extension. Weft hair extensions are attached to your hair with a special glue that bonds the extension strand to each individual strand of your hair.


This process is called fusion bonding because it fuses together the two parts; there is no need for clips or adhesives that could damage either element if improperly placed or removed too quickly (this can cause damage to both).


Weft extensions look completely natural once installed correctly because they blend seamlessly into your existing hairstyle--you won't even know you're wearing them!


What are the differences between sew in, clip in and tape in hair extensions?


  • Sew in weft hair extensions are the most popular and most effective way of adding volume to thinning hair or making your natural hair appear fuller.
  • Clip in hair extensions have been around for a long time and are still used by many people today. They’re easy to put on, but some people find them too heavy for their own liking.
  • Tape in hair extensions are quickly becoming the new trend when it comes to adding extra length and thickness without having to worry about glue, heat or any other chemicals coming into contact with your scalp during application.


How long do sew in weft extensions last?

The answer to this question depends on a few factors. First, the hair type of your extensions is going to be a determining factor in the longevity of your install. Second, how well you take care of your extensions once they are installed will also determine how long they last.


Generally speaking, most sew-in wefts will last between 4 and 8 weeks depending on these factors above but there are some exceptions as well! If you choose to get a full head weave and use very high quality Remy human hair then it could potentially last as long as 12 weeks or even more! Also, if you have bleached knots on your natural hair then that would also add about 4-6 weeks onto the lifespan of your installation which means 10+ months total!


Are sew in weft extensions good?

Sew in weft extensions are a great option if you’re looking to add length and volume to your natural hair. The best thing about them is that they last for months, so you won’t have to worry about constantly re-getting them done. Plus, they can be washed, dried, and styled just like natural hair (minus the heat).


If you are still unsure whether sew in weft extensions would work well with your lifestyle, talk with a stylist at a sew-in weft extensions salon near you or book an appointment with Vanity Hair Salon here!


Sew in weft hair extensions pros and cons

It is true that sew in weft hair extensions have their pros and cons. Here are some of the pros and cons of sew in weft hair extensions:


  • Pros: Sew in weft hair extensions can be removed when necessary, without damaging your own hair. They are also easy to install, making them a great option for people who do not want to go through the hassle of using glue or other products on their own head. If you're looking for a new look, but don't want to deal with the hassle of going through an expensive salon visit, this may be a good choice for you another option for you is signing up for our VIP membership and get unlimited hair care at a fixed monthly rate!


Sew in weft hair extensions near me

You can find a reputable stylist at a salon that specializes in hair extensions or weaving like Vanity Hair Salon. They will be able to help you decide on the best type of sew-in weft extension for your hair, as well as how long it will last and how much it will cost.


Sew in weft hair extensions cost

While the cost depends on many factors, such as the length of your hair, how many bundles you need, and the quality of the hair in each bundle. The average cost is typically between $50 and $500 per head.


Frequently Asked Questions About Sew in Weft Hair Extension


Is it normal that my head hurts after my first sew-in extension?

Yes, it is very normal. The reason why your head hurts is because your scalp has never experienced such a heavy duty process before. Your hair has been removed and new extensions have been placed into the same site before so yes, you can expect it to be painful. It will get better as the week goes on though!


To make it feel better:

  • have someone massage your scalp for about 10 minutes twice a day after each shower or at night before bedtime
  • use some heat (hair dryer, hot towel) on your head when done with a shampoo wash in order to relieve any pain


How long should I wait before washing my hair?

You should wait at least 7-10 days before washing your hair. Washing too often can cause the products in the weave to not work as well, causing tangling and making you uncomfortable.


The best way to wash your hair is with shampoo and conditioner designed for extensions. Avoid shampoos with alcohol or sulfates, as these can dry out your real hair and make it brittle. You also don’t want anything that contains strong fragrances, as they may be absorbed by the weft and irritate your scalp when you wear it again.


Wash with cold water because warm water opens up the cuticles of both human hairs and synthetic fibres; this makes them more susceptible to damage from heat styling tools like curling irons and flat irons.


If you feel like you need a freshen-up between washes, use a dry shampoo instead of washing every day!


How can I make my weave look more natural?

To make your weave look more natural, try using a shampoo and conditioner that matches your natural hair color. Make sure to use a leave-in conditioner once or twice per week to keep your weave looking healthy and shiny. Also, spray the front of your weave with heat protectant spray before styling so you don't burn the ends of your hair.


When detangling, use a wide-tooth comb instead of normal combs because it won't pull on the weft like a normal comb would do. To prevent further damage to the weft, apply some deep conditioning once every two weeks when taking out your sew in weave for washing purposes.


What is weft hair extensions made of?

Weft extensions are made from either synthetic or human hair. Synthetic weft hair is made of polyester, nylon and polyurethane. Human hair weft extensions are made of real human hair that is collected from ethically sourced donors in compliance with the law.


Sew in weft hair extensions salon in Portsmouth NH

You may be wondering if there is a salons in Portsmouth NH that does sew in weft hair extensions. The answer is yes, Vanity Hair Studio is the best salon that does sew in weft hair extensions in Portsmouth NH.


If you’re out of Portsmouth NH, then head online and look up “salons that do sew in weft hair extensions near me” or similar keywords in Google or on Yelp!


Are sew-in wefts reusable?

Yes, sew-in wefts are reusable! You can wash and style them just like your own hair.

Once the sew-in weft gets damaged, it can’t be used anymore. You will have to buy a new one if you want to continue using it.

If taken care of well, a single sew-in weft can last up to 6 months or even longer depending on how much you use it.


Weft hair can be styled and cared for like your natural hair.

You can style and care for your weft hair just like your natural hair. You can wash, condition, blow dry, straighten, curl or color it. You need to keep a few things in mind when caring for your weft hair.


  • DO NOT use heat on the part of the weft that is glued down. If you want more volume at the top of your head then you can use some heat tools on this part but make sure not to get them too close to where they are glued down because this will damage it and cause shedding later on in its life span.
  • DO NOT brush through knots in your sew-in weave install with a metal comb or metal brush as this will also cause shedding later down its lifespan as well as reduce its longevity and quality of life by damaging the follicles along with causing breakage here as well.


If you are still unsure whether sew in weft extensions would work well with your lifestyle, talk with a stylist at a sew-in weft extensions salon near you or book an appointment with Vanity Hair Salon here!

If you have any other questions about sew in weft hair extensions, feel free to ask them below.

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