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Vanity Hair Studio was established in February of 2008. Since Heidi White opened the doors, the salon has been booming with happy clients and has earned a great business reputation. Heidi has expanded the salon two times, and it now occupies the 1200 square foot studio she independently owns and operates. Because of her easy going personality and love of good energy, she and her amazing team, have turned the studio into a huge success, and it was even nationally chosen by Elle Magazine as top 100 salons in the US two years in a row. The people of Portsmouth continue to choose Vanity Hair Studio as their home for beautiful hair, skin, bright white teeth, and perfectly groomed eyebrows.

You can find Vanity Hair Studio amidst many beautiful hotels near the center of picturesque downtown Portsmouth, NH. We are a stone’s throw away from the Sheraton Hotel, Hilton Hotel, Hampton Inn, and Residence Inn allowing easy-access for wedding parties and tourists! Come enjoy a shampoo, blow-out, or any specialty hair or makeup service before shopping the hundreds of boutiques in downtown, catching a show in beautiful Prescott Park, dining out at a delicious and unique five-star restaurant, or soaking in the bustling night-life that Portsmouth has to offer!

Our Team


Vanity Hair Studio

Hi My name is Petey butter banana smoothie, aka Sweetie Petey I hang out at the salon in Portsmouth with my mom and the girls mostly everyday. My mom takes me with her almost everywhere she goes, she says I am a good boy and since I am four years old she doesn't mind bringing me with her to work I try to stay on my best behavior.

I am a yellow Labrador retriever, a natural blonde! I live for love, food and affection so its great when I get to be patted and loved by so many wonderful clients that visit my mommas salon, You can find me laying in the middle of the salon floor, lounging by the door in the sun, going for walks around town or snagging towels from the girls trays, this is fun and I love to be a goofy boy and run around stealing all the towels.

If you bring me treats mom thinks only one is okay, I cant have too many because I love to beg a little bit.. but I try my best to be very quiet about it... I drool and silently wait for you to drop your crumbs on the floor, she says I need better manners, so I wont make eye contact with you if your eating but I will watch the floor around you intently.... its a tough life.... :)

Heidi Bea White (Ceo/Educator/Colorist/Designer)

Vanity Hair Studio

As the owner of Vanity Hair Studio, Heidi Bea holds a true passion for her industry and what she does as a stylist. Her ability to operate her salon while producing outstanding haircuts, colors, and dynamic looks in the many facets of hair design are remarkable. She was born with a natural ability to connect with people and has a strong intuitive nature that builds great relationships with her clients. Heidi’s consultations are informative and fulfilling and make it easy to create custom designs for those clients in need of guidance.

Heidi has been designing hair for more than 16 years and has been a salon educator to her staff for more than four years. She has a serious craving for education and stays current on trends and developments in the hair industry. Two to three times a year, Heidi travels around the US and Canada for continued education and has worked side by side with many talented stylists in the Portsmouth area. She has helped others acquire their licenses through apprenticeship and has had great success! Heidi is a well rounded hair designer, with work appearing in The Knot Magazine, Seacoast Weddings Magazine, national recognition from Elle Magazine and having won numerous competitions in the Manchester area. She has also designed hair for local and professional movie productions.

The majority of Heidi's clientele are powerful, professional women with high expectations for their image. Some would say she is a "magician" with the color and cuts she performs and she prides herself on creating a welcoming environment with exceptional service.

Heidi is also a mom of two wonderful boys Chase Nicholas & Xane Riley, (three if you count her lab, Petey) and resides happily in Portsmouth, NH.

Meet Heidi

Allie Sites (Stylist/Airbrush Makeup Artist)

Vanity Hair Studio

Knowing the experience of what a great haircut and color feels like is what motivates Allie to help others to achieve their desired results. Knowledge and understanding of hair is key in how to get from where your hair is at to where you want it to be.

Committed to providing clients with exceptional service, Allie attends, on average, 8 to 12 daylong classes of advanced education yearly. With the combination of over a decade of experience and keeping up to date with the highest quality education available, Allie is here to help you with your hair needs.

Is your hair color fading quickly or turning brassy? Having trouble with gray coverage? Aspiring for your preferred shade of blonde? Can't attain the right color results? Seeking a haircut that compliments your overall appearance and lifestyle? Are you longing for healthy, shiny and strong beautiful hair? Searching for advice on achieving luscious results for your natural curly hair? Looking for smooth, sleek frizz-free hair that lasts for months?

Allie will help you understand your hair and how to achieve a captivating look personalized just for you.

Meet Allie

Jayceen Lingle (Stylist/Airbrush Makeup Artist)

Vanity Hair Studio

Originally from N.Y., Jayceen has trained extensively with some of the best in the industry including the Redken Exchange, Paul Mitchell and many other master classes in color, highlighting, and cutting.

Jayceen is certified in Brazilian Blowout Treatments and she loves this product because she can use it on all types of hair! A few reasons why:

•It protects the protein layer around the hair shaft, smoothing the cuticle.
•It gives the client and stylist a smooth and sleek result.
•Smooths frizz and also keeps your natural curl soft.
•Lastly, it gives a 50% quicker drying time!

On top of numerous hair certifications Jayceen is also a certified Dinair Airbrush Makeup Artist! She has apprenticed exclusively with a successful salon owner in N.Y. who has taught her the skills that she now has and uses today! As well as being a team player, Jayceen is also attentive, thoughtful and prides in herself on having the ability to handle any situation when it comes to her clients. Jayceen performs incredible and skillful work with coloring, highlighting, cuts, airbrush makeup, as well as killer Brazilian Blowouts! She brings a great flair to the studio with her well-rounded abilities and we are sure that you will love her just as much as we do!

Meet Jayceen

Kendra Tegan (Stylist & Make-up Artist)

Vanity Hair Studio

Kendra started her beauty career at the young age of 15 after receiving her first professionally cut and styled haircut. The haircut was life changing for her, she felt beautiful and confident for what felt like the first time and she knew that this is what she wanted to do as a profession. “I was hooked,” states Kendra, “I wanted to learn everything about hair and makeup”. She received her first job as a Beauty Advisor and at a salon in Concord, New Hampshire. She picked up on everything from the hairdressers she worked with and would practice on her friends and family throughout high school. After graduating high school she knew this is what she had to do! The gift of helping others feel just as beautiful as she did from receiving that first professional cut was a priority for her.

After graduating from Empire Beauty school in Laconia, New Hampshire in 2004 she went on to work at a successful salon and spa in Concord, New Hampshire. She specialized in beautiful customized colors, highlights, and texturized haircuts and styles. She took many advanced coloring classes and hair dressing classes from Aquage, Paul Mitchell, American Crew, and Matrix which helped her hone her skills. She also became certified in the Brazilian keratin smoothing treatment from Brazilian Blowout, GK Hair, and BioOnic.

After several years Kendra moved to South Florida where she further advanced her skills while working at some of the Top Salon and Spas in South Florida. While working at a busy salon in Boca Raton Florida, she perfected her skills with the trendy Ombre, balayage and softer highlighting coloring techniques. She loves doing soft natural looking colors with texturized, perfectly blended cuts and sexy styles. Kendra is also a very talented Make-up Artist. “I just love bringing the whole look together, and watching the client walk out the door looking like a million bucks,” says Kendra. While in Florida, Kendra even did some print work for Designer Jack Rogers. She styled the models hair for the Summer 2011 campaign. After having a very successful run in Florida, she decided her heart was still in New Hampshire and decided to move home, searching out a job a Vanity Hair Studio.

Kendra states that she loves working with our team of hairdressers at Vanity Hair Studio. “I love bringing my set of skills to the team and am so proud to be part of one of the “Top 100 Salons in America.” Servicing my clients in beautiful Portsmouth New Hampshire and sharing my art form is definitely a dream job for me!”

Meet Kendra

Cody Myers (Makeup Artist/Esthetician)

Vanity Hair Studio

• Licensed Esthetician
• Highly Trained Makeup Skills
• Addicted to Yoga
• Vegetarian Animal Lover

I have loved the power of makeup from a very young age. The earliest memory of makeup I have is when I was around 5 or 6 and I would watch my mother do her makeup every morning. I was always amazed how she could change her appearance by using different colors. Mesmerized by her daily routine I eventually snuck into her bathroom when she wasn’t home and would play… mixing different colors to see what they would look like. I loved it!

Fast forward ten years to when I hit puberty and started shaving… I developed severe folliculitis as well as hormonal acne. This lovely combination gave me furuncles and/or boils. It really took a toll on my self-esteem. I hated my skin and felt as if it was all anyone could see. My mother felt my pain and took me to a department store where she bought me my first ever makeup product. I will never forget the Maybelline Liquid Mineral Power Concealer that magically erased all of the little red bumps that covered my neck and face as if they were never there. In that moment of amazement I felt like me again, confident!

I was inspired after seeing what just a concealer could do. So, I went out and bought a ton of cheap drugstore makeup. I sat on Youtube for hours watching tutorials and taught myself how to transform my look using different makeup techniques. I love everything that makeup can do. It can camouflage flaws, change bone structure, create color, or transform someone into whatever their heart desires. I love creating looks that can range from incredibly natural to extreme glam, or even Avant- Garde.

I didn’t want to just do makeup as a hobby… I wanted to help make people feel what I had felt! That empowerment! That increase in self-esteem I got the very first time I used that Maybelline Concealer! I used what I had learned on my own and was able to apply this to so many different types of people, different ages, skin tones, skin types, and skin conditions. I was able to snap people out of their funk who were ashamed of the way they looked with just a few simple techniques. I learned what worked for whom and continued to educate myself of the latest and hottest trends in the makeup industry. I constantly wanted to learn more about the cosmetic industry… proper sanitation, skin care etc. I decided to get my Esthetics License which was one of the best decisions of my life.

Nearly on an everyday basis I get to do what I love! I get to express my creativity and use the face as my canvas. But what I love most is not making people more “beautiful” but helping people become more confident within themselves.

Meet Cody

Bryana (Stylist Make-up Artist)

Vanity Hair Studio

From a young age, Bryana has always had a passion for hair and the beauty industry. Growing up she was always braiding and pinning up her dolls hair, transitioning later to curling and styling friends hair for dances and events. After graduating high school, she had attended UNH but quickly found her true passion was with hair. Bryana had attended the Paul Mitchell School here in downtown Portsmouth and quickly fell in love with the "hair culture." Education is important to Bryana: she would attend many hair shows, always learning about up and coming trends, styles, and products. Along with hair, she has taken a makeup course, learning about various products, how to apply them, and how to perfect a natural look, bridal look, smokey eye, and everything in between. Taking her time to consult with you before jumping right into the service is important to her, and will allow her to have you walking out the doors feeling beautiful and satisfied. From multidimensional foils to eyebrow waxing she has learned it all. Her favorite services include styling the hair from blowouts and curls all the way up to simple and/or bridal up-do's, Brazilian blowouts, and ombré/balayage. Bryana is also certified in tape-in and hot keratin extension applications. She is excited to expand her clientele in her hometown area!

Meet Bryana

Elizabeth (Salon Manager)

Vanity Hair Studio

Elizabeth is a hard-working, fun-loving, fast-paced, stylish young lady! Nothing gets past her, she has an incredible memory and is always taking care of everyone's individual needs! Elizabeth has always held a passion for people and a natural affinity for getting along with many different personality types. Elizabeth is a proactive and highly organized self-starter and an extraordinary multi-tasker. While it's true that Vanity Hair Studio is her first salon setting to manage, it shows with her personality and hard work that she was easily able to convert from a progressive and highly regarded hospitality company from years past, to the now current fast paced and fun environment of the salon atmosphere, where she zips in and easily manages the studios appointments, employees, large wedding parties all while keeping a genuine smile on her face.

Elizabeth grew up in New England, loves puppies, fashion and her family, she reflects on choices like working hard for her father and his company instead of attending fun summer camps with the rest of her school friends. Elizabeth is kind, giving and will make your day and experience here at Vanity Hair Studio an engaging, sincere warm one.

Elizabeth loves seeing the good in everyone first and foremost and she considers integrity to be the most important trait a human can possess and exercise.

Nicholas (Stylist)

Vanity Hair Studio

Passion is defined as a strong and barely controlled emotion, a feeling of pure excitement towards what you do. This is the only way to describe the pride and joy I feel when I stand behind my chair with the ability to completely alter the way someone feels about themselves through my art. Whether you decide to transform yourself entirely through a change in color or cut or simply wish to refresh your look, your hair is one of the best ways to describe yourself, it is your best accessory.

Originally from Southern Maine, I moved down to Portsmouth to pursue my passion and further my experiences as a hair stylist. I have trained with many different platform artists through Aveda and Matrix over the past few years and having learned so much, it is now my desire to teach each person that I touch one thing about their hair every time they are in my chair. I love helping people figure out the best way to curl your hair, or how to position your blow dryer on a round brush to get the best result for your style and/or color. Together we can make the statement you wish to portray.